The wine list

In our Wine Bar in Perugia you’ll find a Wine List with over 350 labels, selected bottles from the local and national territories, as well as from abroad.

The Wine Bar List is the fruit of our passion and our curiosity for oenological culture, the result of years of work during which we have travelled around wine cellars and trade fairs, talked with producers and tasted their wines.

We personally know most of the wine producers present in the list and we give priority to small units, run by people who are not afraid to soil their hands with the earth and for whom respect for the terroir remains the fundamental rule.

We believe that, in this way, we can offer you wines that are the most authentic expressions of the territory, the grape varieties and the people who make them.

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    Take-away wines

    You can also buy wines to take away in our hostelry. We are ready to help with suggestions on matches and we will be pleased to find the wine you desire at the right temperature.

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    Natural wines

    Our wine list is characterized by a strong presence of natural wines.

    “Wines are like people. Some are punctual, some always come late. Some are shy and introverted, some are cheery and companionable. Moody, proud, haughty, modest, elegant, refined, hieratic and spiritual wines. Tragic wines and comic wines. And then, there are wines that have had a face-lift and wines just like their mother made them.
    Defects included”.

    “Research and knowledge of the raw materials combine with the pleasure of hospitality. An important stage in getting to know the Umbria of wines and gastronomy“.

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    Just outside the historical centre of Perugia, the view opens onto the hills of Umbria. It is on these very hills that the windows of Stella Restaurant Wine Bar Hostelry overlook the township of Casaglia

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