The meticulous research for raw materials and their preparation, the persuasive and knowledgeable attention of the owners, mean you can confidently choose this restaurant which is famous, but never over the top.

As you cross the threshold of this highly attractive restaurant, you get a feeling of wellbeing and tranquillity, as if you were at home. The honour and merit for this goes to the competent and hospitable staff. Arek and Silvia will give you the attention you deserve and all your requests will be met courteously and swiftly.

The gastronomic menu, curated by Silvia with the help of the cook Nicola, derives from the territory, including its finest products, including those protected by the Slow Food organizations.

Among the hors d’oeuvres, we would like to mention handmade ham of Visso, supplì, hors d’oeuvres of quinto quarto (offal) of chianina Igp and fried pumpkin flowers. This is followed by linguine of smoked tench, homemade stringhetti with beans and pecorino cheese, cappellacci with fior di latte (mozzarella) and tomato. The main dishes all revolve around devilled chicken, strips of chianina with roveja (Slow Food organization), roast thigh of Visso lamb with chopped rosemary. Seasonal side dishes, excellent desserts and homemade ice cream as a conclusion.

The wine cellar is very well stocked with surprising proposals by the glass. Excellent bread.

Osterie d’Italia, 2015

Tradition, as often happens with excellent results, is handed down. This is the case with Silvia who, together with her husband Arek, a noted sommelier, took over the family restaurant in 1998.

Silvia’s proposal is solidly Umbrian, but with the no less interesting addition of a southern note from Nicola, the cook from Lucania. Territory and seasonal variation are the cardinal points.

There is no lack of happy examples: Linguine with smoked tench from Lake Trasimeno, Small fillets of queen carp with small beans of Trasimeno. But the lion’s share goes to Chianina, in every form, from quinto quarto to Florentine steak.

Fuoricasello, 2015

In Umbria, meat and fish go from the frying pan to the grill.

In the hamlet of Casaglia, Silvia Pasticci has had a space of her own since 1998, in the family hotel (Stella is her mother’s name). The cooking follows lines and practices of her own, strictly linked to the territory. Homemade bread, pastas and desserts, only virgin olive oil of Umbria, fish from Lakes Trasimeno or Bolsena, chianina meat from small producers, farmyard animals only from trusted farmers. A spot in the menu is reserved for quinto quarto (heart, tripe). Much attention to biological farming, from flour to vegetables.

Spaces of rustic elegance, well distanced tables, bottles of wine, not just national but from almost everywhere with proposals by the glass and a list containing around 300 labels at very good prices. Merit of Arek Piszczyk, a highly knowledgeable Polish sommelier and Silvia’s husband. She divides herself between the restaurant room and the kitchen, where she is well assisted by Nicola Passarelli, a chef from Lucania who has spent much time in Umbria. A key point is the grilled meat and fish: eel chunks, scottadito (Roman-style chops) of lamb, pork chops, monumental Fiorentine steaks (4.90 euro per 100 g, note for extra large carnivores).

You can start with a dish of cured meats or cheeses of Cascia. From the kitchen, fried smelt from Lake Trasimeno, suppli, scrambled egg with artichokes. Among the starters, linguine with smoked tench, stringhetti with beans and pecorino cheese, maccheroni with white meat sauce of chianina, meat that we find again in the ravioli with aroma of sage. Among the main dishes, fillets of queen carp, stewed ossobuco (sliced veal shank), guinea fowl in sweet and sour sauce, rabbit in porchetta (deboned roast pork), roast Visso rabbit. Great care over the side-dishes: grilled artichokes, sautéed wild vegetables, stir-fried red potatoes of Colfiorito.

To conclude: goat’s milk mousse with purée of apples and mint, walnut-flavoured semifreddo, chocolate fondue and, the pièce de resistance, panna cotta (cooked cream) in strawberry sauce. In the fine season, you can eat outside. Take note! Stella opens only in the evenings on weekdays and only for lunch on Sundays, but from June to September it is the opposite: on Sundays we serve evening meals and not lunch.

Il venerdi di Repubblica, 17 maggio 2013

A contemporary hostelry just outside the city. In the kitchen, good simplicity goes hand in hand with quality.

Try our “quinto quarto di chianina” (beef offal), “Leonessa” maccheroni in white beef tail ragù sauce, grilled free range chicken, meringue with cream and chocolate fondue.

Our wine cellar is remarkable. Prices around 35€.

L’Espresso, 14 marzo 2013