Stella Restaurant Wine Bar has been listed in the Osterie Slow Food in Umbria guide since 2003 and has been a member since 2010 of the Alleanza Slow Food dei Cuochi, a network of chefs who defend biodiversity throughout the world.

We are committed to supporting local producers, guardians of biodiversity. Our cuisine makes daily use of products from the Local Organizations and the Ark of Taste. In Umbria, we have mazzafegato (sausage) from the Upper Tiber Valley, black celery of Trevi and fava cottora (cooking beans) of Amerino, as well as the small beans of Trasimeno, roveja (a type of pea) of Civita di Cascia and ciccotto di Grutti (pig’s ears, snout, shin and innards roasted underneath a whole suckling pig).

This dish complies with certain rules that we illustrate below.

Alleanza Slow Food dei Cuochi

We collaborate with farmers and breeders who conserve biodiversity.

Biodiversity is made of local breeds, vegetables, pulses, fruit as well as bread, desserts and cheeses, derived from centuries-old flavours. We will not allow them to be lost, expelled from a market that no longer recognizes their value!

We choose fruit and vegetables that are cultivated respecting the earth’s fertility, without polluting the water: these are the most flavoursome and healthy. We cook and enhance the products of the Slow Food Organizations and the Ark of Taste, marking them on our menu with their logos.

We rediscover and narrate the history of our territory.

Our identity also derives from our food, its aromas and flavours. Rediscovering the products and recipes of our land is therefore the best way to relate who we are, where we live and the unique history of our community.

We buy directly from local producers.

Meeting and supporting people who work with passion and who live in contact with the earth reconciles us with the world. Biodiversity is also on our doorstep and only an authentic synergy between the most widely differing production sectors will lead to a truly ecosustainable economy.

We write the names of our suppliers on the menu.

We need people who are not afraid to “expose themselves” and then – as is well known – meeting the farmer and buying directly from the farm is the safest guarantee that exists.

We use seasonal products

Our planet is suffering: intensive farming has lost contact with the rhythms of nature. Let’s rediscover them, starting with the seasons: fresh products have more aromas, more flavour and are better.

We choose animals that have lived happily.

Industrial breeding is the source of great suffering for the animals. We therefore purchase from breeders who respect the animals and seek their wellbeing.

We buy fish from small-scale fishermen and only local fish.

In this way we observe seasonal differences and use wild species: at Stella, you will find only freshwater fish from Lake Trasimeno or from central Italian lakes .

Solidarity is our motto.

Certain widely used products such as cane sugar, coffee, tea or cocoa grow only in specific parts of the world and therefore come from countries that are often very distant. The multinationals frequently dictate the prices of these food products to the detriment of the farmer or the picker. In these cases we choose a market that believes in solidarity or – alternatively – productions that give maximum information on the place of origin, the producer and the methods used.

Carlin Petrini at the Stella Restaurant in Perugia.

We don’t waste food and we pay attention to “kitchen scraps”.

The inhabitants of the planet waste a third of the food they produce, partly along the production chain, partly because they don’t consume it. Yet a billion people are suffering from hunger. We waste nothing and we rediscover many traditional recipes specifically conceived to recover the humbler parts and the rejects.

We pay attention to waste.

We differentiate in order to reduce the pollution that is destroying our planet.

The Slow Food organizations protect small, high quality productions that need to be preserved, produced according to traditional practices.
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