Raw materials from the territory, seasonal food and traditional Umbrian recipes are the ingredients of our typical Umbrian dishes.

Our menu consists of simple preparations from the cuisine of Umbria, respectful of the ingredients and the people who produce them. Our work starts in the mill, the farm and the vegetable garden rather than in the butcher’s laboratory.

For us, in fact, it is essential to know the places and people that provide our raw materials in order to increase our knowledge of the products and therefore be able to work them with greater awareness and, lastly, propose them and “relate” them to our guests

Piatti tipici umbri e innovazione alla Locanda Stella

Sourdough starter and selected flours

We make our bread with so-called “lievito madre” (sourdough starter) and we use flour from mills using millstones, as well as derived from biological agriculture. Our fresh pasta is strictly flattened with the rolling pin and the filled pasta is also our own production. Alternatively, we offer durum wheat pasta from a handmade pasta producer selected by us.

Veal, pork, sheep meat and farmyard animals

The meat that appears on our guests’ dishes comes from small farms in the territory, mostly closed circuit. In addition to Chianina IGP (Young White Beef from the Central Appenines), we use other races of beef reared with natural practices, respecting the environment and farming traditions. As well as the classic Florentine grilled steak, we make much use of “second cuts” and offal (our stewed tripe and steamed beef tongue are great favourites). In line with traditional Umbrian culinary tradition, our menu always includes farmyard animals: don’t miss our pigeon stuffed with sausage and marjoram, our free range chicken, grilled or in spicy tomato sauce, spiced rabbit in wild fennel porchetta or the typical faraona alla ghiotta (guinea fowl stewed in rich sauce).

Fish from Lake Trasimeno, a highlight of the territory

In order to allow the highlights of our territory in Umbria to have a voice, our menu includes dishes based on lake fish. The Fishermen’s Cooperative of Lake Trasimeno provides us with a product that we reinterpret according to lake traditions.

Umbrian cheeses and cured meats

In our Hostelry in Perugia, you can taste a selection of Umbrian cured meats and handmade sliced meats, the result of the passionate work of small units of meat processors who choose the raw materials wisely and refine their products following traditional practices. Our offer is completed with a small selection of cheeses – mostly from goats’ and sheep’s milk – from small dairy producers in the area around Perugia and in the Umbrian Appenines.

Handmade desserts made with dedication

Desserts are our passion, we prepare them entirely by hand and they range from liquid desserts (don’t miss our light panna cotta [cooked cream] combined with compôte of seasonal fruit) to more traditional desserts such as rocciata (a local dessert similar to strudel) or zuppa inglese (an Italian variant of trifle), without forgetting our baked pastries, including brioches (croissants) for the breakfast of our guests at La Locanda.

Opening times

Monday-Saturday open only for evening meal.
Sunday open only at lunchtime (except in July and August when we are open only for the evening meal).
Closed on Tuesdays

“Research and knowledge of the raw materials combine with the pleasure of hospitality. An important stage in getting to know the Umbria of wines and gastronomy“.

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Just outside the historical centre of Perugia, the view opens onto the hills of Umbria. It is on these very hills that the windows of Stella Restaurant Wine Bar Hostelry overlook the township of Casaglia


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