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About us

Our history

Stella since

The adventure of the Stella Ristorante in Perugia began in 1981. Here are the stages of our journey.

  • In 1998, Silvia and her husband Arek took over the family Restaurant in Perugia.
  • In 2002, the Wine Bar was born in Perugia to enrich the restaurant’s offer with a wine cellar conrìtaining more than 350 labels.
  • In 2016, the hostelry La Locanda  opened in Perugia, with the idea of hosting strangers who wish to discover the uniqueness of Umbria even, or above all, through its wines and gastronomy!

Silvia – who grew up in her mother’s Umbrian based kitchen – and Nicola – a chef from Lucania with an Umbrian culture – dedicate themselves to traditional cuisine with special attention to the territory and to the seasonal nature of the raw materials.

Arek, a much appreciated sommelier, welcomes the guests and is always ready to suggest matches, drawing on the rich and refined wine cellar.

Giving food its right value

Since 2003, the restaurant has been listed in the Guida Osterie d’Italia of Slow Food, an association with which it shares the fundamental principles: restoring to food its proper value, respecting those who produce it and working in harmony with the environment, drawing upon the knowledge of which local territories and traditions are guardians.

Slow Food Alliance

Safeguarding the
quality of the ingredients

The restaurant also adheres to the Slow food Cooks’ Alliance , undertaking to make regular use of the products of the so-called Slow Food Organizations, projects that safeguard small, high quality productions deserving of protection, realized according to traditional practices. We are therefore part of a large network of solidarity where chefs meet and make agreements with the producers of the Slow Food organizations, undertaking to make best use of their products.

“Research and knowledge of the raw materials combine with the pleasure of hospitality. An important stage in getting to know the Umbria of wines and gastronomy“.

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